Spring Beauty Routine

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With the welcoming of Spring, why not change up your skincare routine with the changing season? Beauty expert Jeannine Morris joins us with her recommendations on products to try for your very own Spring renewal.

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"Well first of all with spring we have to talk about having bright, trendy manicures, but with that comes gel manicures and nail polish remover and it can do a lot of damage to our hands. So I recommend starting off with spring renewal trying these new finger masks by 7th Heaven. Their strengthen nail and cuticle masks. Now 7th Heaven is a botanical based face mask company from the UK, but now they make these new nutrient infused finger masks that help to strengthen your nails and soften your cuticles. They act like a mini glove for your skin and they act like a second skin on top of your finger. Their infused with macadamia and argon oils and their really easy to use. You put them on individually each finger, leave them on for ten to fifteen minutes, take them off and just massage in any excess serum and your fingers will be soft, your cuticles will be smooth and your nails will be stronger. I like using them in between gel manicures. They also make these soften glove masks, which will help sooth and really heal rough, dry hands. So if you need to take it a step further these are the masks for you. They have Shea butter, soy beans and vitamin E and you just use them the same way you would like the finger masks. All of these manicure must-haves for spring are all under $4.00 at Wal-Mart."

"Then of course we have to talk about skin care because with the change in seasons come the change of your skin care regimen. I recommend using something simple, yet effective like Cetaphil. It's the number one dermatologist recommended brand for facial moisturizers and cleaners and they have all these new facial products that I really like. Their daily moisturizer and their rich night cream both include hyaluronic acid, which is a powerhouse moisturizing ingredient. It holds up to a thousand times of its weight in water, so it really plumps up the skin. For a regimen I recommend using their gentle cleanser, which is a fan favorite. It's mild, but effective. Then on top of that their daily hydrating cream. It's lightweight and it's oil free, so it's perfect for springtime. And then at night of course cleanse your skin again, but try using their rich, hydrating night cream. Its a little bit denser and it has provitamins plus olive extract to make your skin really, really smooth. I like Cetaphil because its good for all skin types and especially sensitive skin. As the seasons change you might tend to get sensitivity. You can go to seventhheaven.com to find out more information on the nail masks or to cetaphil.com to find out more about their products."