Spring Beauty Products Put to the Test

PHL17 Extra
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When it comes to skin care do you really have to spend hundreds of dollars for products that deliver? Good Housekeeping Institutes beauty lab put face creams to the test by conducting clinical and blinded customer studies and found some remarkable results. To tell us all about it is Good Housekeeping’s style director Lori Bergamotto.

So tell us what did these studies find and how did you do it?

“So at the Good Housekeeping Institute we know that there are a lot of choices out there and a lot of them come with hefty price tags when it comes to skin care. So we wanted to take a look and kind of break it down for women about what they can be using and what works best. To that end our engineers and product analysts looked at the reformulation of the Olay Regenerist micro sculpting cream and we put it up against 10 prestige skin care creams. And these ranged in prince from $26 to $440.”

“And Lauren I am happy to report that the Olay outperformed them all. And the reasons why were multiple. So, number one the Olay Regeneris micro sculpting cream was fast acting, it was long lasting. In fact after 24 hours we saw an increased moisture by 50%. Also it was lightweight in texture but really delivered. A lot of women don’t want anything that feels heavy on their skin and 80% of the consumers prefer that, it felt very rich but it didn’t actually feel heavy.”

“Also the benefits accumulate over time so what does that mean? Well it means that it’s packed with superior plumping and hydration ingredients and really anti aging powerhouse ingredients like nicotinamide and hyaluronic acid.”

“And one of the really amazing takeaways from all this is that Olay research showed that 80% of your skins anti aging destiny is actually within your control and it’s not related to your genes. And I think that it is such a relief that you can go to a drug store pay $26.99 for something and feel like you’re getting that $440 price tag. At a bargain and you’re getting all of that great stuff for your skin. So you’re in control of your skins destiny and your wallet doesn’t have to suffer.”

Wow so if you want to learn more about this study where can we go?

“You can check out the May issue of Good Housekeeping and you can also log onto Olay.com for more information.”