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Whether it is getting our homes or our bodies in shape, we all want to shape up for spring. Lifestyle expert Nicolette Brycki joined us with a few of her favorite ideas.

We’re shaping up from head to toe, starting with our legs. We get graduated compression with breakthrough technology all in a pair of pantyhose with L’eggs Sheer Energy. They have the perfect balance of sheerness and support. Pick them up at, CVS, Walmart, and

Moisturizing is important, no matter what time of the year! Bluelene moisturizer is lightweight, and for all skin types. Scientists created this lotion using special anti-aging properties to smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles. Find out more at

We cannot forget about our diet of course! It’s all about what we have in the kitchen. Earth Grown Kale and Quinoa Crunch Veggie Burgers are the perfect choice. They have no artificial preservatives. These burgers received a 2019 Best New Product award from Brandspark, that’s how good they are. Pick them up exclusively at ALDI.

Spring is the perfect time to host a brunch! Family and friends are going to love this beautiful servewear. JCPenney has the perfect trays and pitchers to make your brunch beautiful. Check out the collection at

And of course when we’re working out, we want to feel good and also look good! Burlington is a one-stop shop for all things active. And the best part- the shop offers up to 60% off prices compared to other retailers. Visit to find your nearest location.

Finally, we all need an app to help keep us on track. The OptUP app you can download right to your phone. It can track your purchases when you hit the food store, and offer you better and healthier options. You can download OptUP from the App Store and Google Play.