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The ball drops and resolutions begin, but how do we keep our 2018 goals? Millennial Workforce Expert Alissa Carpenter joined us in studio with some tips!

Carpenter founded “Everything’s Not Okay and That’s Okay” and works with millennials for professional development and career exploration.

After the New Year, we often hear the phrase “goal setting.” Carpenter shared that goal setting can be anything really. It comes down to looking for a change in either your personal or professional life. However, it’s important to be realistic when you’re setting these goals.

“Saying I can do this goal in two weeks or three weeks and not being realistic about how much time it actually takes to achieve it is a mistake people make.”

Carpenter said it’s good to set big goals, but you shouldn’t set small incremental goals to get there.

“We really psych ourselves out thinking this might not work in the future, but it’s really thinking about how we can set a goal that’s realistic.  It’s about putting yourself out there and taking a chance and being okay if it doesn’t work out and then taking a step back to reflect.”

Ask yourself questions like “Is this something that can actually happen?” or “Do I have the resources to be able to achieve these goals?”

“Your friends and family are here to help you through the process so being able to reach out when you don’t feel like you’re achieving your goals is huge. Just take it one step at a time. Do one thing one day. Do two things the next day. Just really try to make a little bit of progress and celebrate your success. Whether you’re doing something big or small, each step of the way is huge and you should be proud of yourself for that.”

For more advice visit Carpenter’s site here!