Easy Meals for Busy Families with Kelly Jones

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Many families feel busier than ever and registered dietitian and mom, Kelly Jones, has convenient kitchen staples to help families build energizing meals and snacks.

One fridge staple is POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate juice. It’s made with the juice from whole-pressed pomegranates, including the rind, pith and arils in the fruit, and nothing more – no fillers, colors, preservatives, and never any added sugar. You can feel confident adding it as a delicious antioxidant boost to your family’s breakfast. In fact, an in vitro study at UCLA showed that on average, pomegranate juice has more antioxidant capacity than red wine, Concord grape juice, or green tea. It’s also a perfect addition to a balanced smoothie to energize you as you get ready to tackle the day.

At the end of the day, the thought of cooking doesn’t have to stress you out. Another go-to are creamer potatoes from The Little Potato Company. They’re ready to use, with no washing or peeling required and cook quickly, too. Once you try their Microwave Ready Kits, it’ll be a game changer. Cook the steam tray in the microwave for 5 minutes, stir in the seasoning pack and pair with a pre-prepped or quick-cook protein. That’s it! Little Potato Company’s bagged potatoes are great for easy sheet pan meals, like breakfast for dinner. Use their dynamic duo creamers, brussels sprouts, eggs and herbs. Visit littlepotatoes.com for more ideas!

If you or the kids are often overly hungry at dinner, there’s a good chance you need to boost balance at lunch and snack time. Wonderful Pistachios are a pantry staple because they offer the perfect protein-fiber-fat trio to keep you satisfied throughout the day. Nearly 90% of the fat in pistachios comes from mono-and poly-unsaturated types and each serving provides you with 6 grams of plant protein and 3 grams of fiber. When hunger hits before meal time, you can conveniently snack on in shell, or shelled varieties including delicious flavored options like chili roasted. The lightly salted are perfect to use in recipes, like a quick pesto that adds nutrients, flavor and brightness to a plant bowl at lunch. 

For more recipes and nutrition tips for your busy, active family, head to KellyJonesNutrition.com