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It’s no secret that the holiday season can be stressful at times too, so it’s helpful to have energizing and nutrient rich options on hand to elevate festive food and drink. POM Wonderful 100% pomegranate juice is a great staple, with the juice of four pomegranates in each 16 ounce bottle and nothing else – no added sugars, fillers, or preservatives. Plus, National Pomegranate month means fresh Pomegranates and POM Wonderful fresh arils are available for the season, too.

For Thanksgiving, add antioxidants and a beautiful pop of color with a Spiced POM cider. It’s perfect to join in on POM Wonderful’s 20th anniversary celebration! POM contains antioxidants that fight free radicals, which can do damage to the body’s cells – on average, POM offers four times the antioxidants as green tea and more than red wine. Sometimes cooking can reduce nutrients, but not so with pomegranate juice’s polyphenol antioxidants! You even get the benefits when you reduce POM for a pomegranate harissa or molasses to top meatless meatballs. Serve them family style or for a holiday appetizer!

POM Arils are a beautiful garnish that add a pop to side dishes, but are great for snacking, too, especially since they are a good source of fiber, with four grams in every half cup. If you’ll have house guests during the holidays, amp up the nutrients in your average French toast with a POM apple compote on top.