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‘Tis the season of holiday treats that may send your healthy eating plan off the rails! Registered Dietitian Kelly Jones suggested some delicious choices to keep you on track.

The holiday season is filled with delicious indulgences, but sometimes rich foods can cause some stomach issues.

“A must have product to have around is this a2 milk,” Kelly said. “This is one hundred percent real dairy milk, but public research suggests that a2 milk may actually help to relieve some stomach discomfort in certain individuals.”

It can be added into most holiday recipes. For more information on a2 milk, click here.

The next product to share is Buzz and Bloom Honey.

“Buzz and Bloom is a craft style honey and it has a really unique floral flavor from the natural pollen that makes it a really great addition to any sweet or savory dishes,” Kelly said.

Buzz and Bloom has four different honey flavors and varieties, including light and sweet, a bold and floral, an organic and raw and unfiltered.

“You can add it to dishes that don’t have a ton of flavor, such as a ricotta or even a plain yogurt. Drizzling that on top can be great.”

For more information on Buzz and Bloom honey, click here.

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