New Year, New You!

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2019 is upon us, which may be hard to believe; but ready or not, the new year creates the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

Lifestyle expert Limor Suss has a simple solution for a great year ahead.

A new healthier you has to start with a nutritious breakfast. One of my favorites is Bob’s Red Mill Museli cups. Perfectly portioned and portable, there are no greater when I’m on the go. Visit

Put your best foot forward with Voxx Life. Voxx life’s human performance technology pattern impacts the brain stems functioning, providing physiological benefits. Voxx life products including socks and insoles increase energy, balance, stability and range of motion as well as improve overall brain function. Visit

This year, go with your gut for a good belly. 70% of our immune system is in our digestive track. Proper digestion is essential for our overall health, and Good Belly Probiotic beverages can help. They are packed with scientifically proving belly balancing probiotics that promote healthy digestion. Visit for more information.

Now, stick to your health resolution all while enjoying something sweet. Stevia in the Raw and Monk Fruit in the Raw are zero calorie sweeteners that allow you to save up to seven hundred calories per cup, when compared to sugar. Monk Fruit in the Raw is made from vine ripe and monk fruit, perfect for whipping things up like this Keto friendly chocolate almond mousse. Stevia in the Raw contains extracts from the sweet leaves of the Stevia plant, ideal for making this delicious peanut butter chocolate protein shake. Visit

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