Today, May 27th is National Heat Awareness Day. Chris Valletta, Co-Founder and President of MISSION and Board Member of the National Heat Safety Coalition joined us to tell us more.

Everyone young and old knows what it’s like to feel too hot. The heat can slow you down, impact your performance, cognitively impact your ability to think clearly and make decisions, and it can be dangerous to your health. 

Heat is the #1 weather-related killer in the United States and sends over 70,000 people per year to the emergency room. 

We want everyone to know that Heat-Related Illnesses are both 100% preventable AND survivable. In fact, the science shows that you can actually improve your overall performance and safety in the heat when you take certain actions. 

Our mission is to not only help people stay safer in the heat, but to also help them enjoy more and do more in it!

There are three things everyone can do to stay safe, feel great and do more in the heat this summer:

1. Stay Hydrated

Think of Hydration like the radiator fluid in your car. If you don’t have enough, your car overheats. It’s the same for our bodies.  When we sweat, the heat that our bodies produce is transferred into the water within our bodies, which is then expelled as sweat. Without proper hydration, the body is unable to cool down properly

2. Take Shade Breaks and protect yourself from the sun. 

The Temperature in the shade can feel 10-15 degrees cooler than when standing in the UVA/UVB solar energy of the sun. Take breaks under a shady tree or umbrella, wear a wide brim hat with UPF 50 sun protection and use the opportunity to grab a few big drinks of water in the process!

3. Use Cooling Gear

Wear lightweight, breathable apparel that allows air flow to promote wicking and use portable cooling accessories like cooling towels, cooling hats and more. These will provide on the go cooling and sun protection

Be sure to understand the signs of a Heat Illness and what to do about it!

Muscle cramps




Pale/Sweaty Skin

If you notice any one of these symptoms:

  • move to a shaded area (or air conditioned environment) immediately. 
  • Remove excess clothing and allow for airflow across your skin surface
  • Use cooling towels around the neck and pulse points
  • Drink plenty of fluids

Remember, Heat Safety and Performance are directly related. In fact, studies show that athletes actually improve athletic performance over 6% when Heat-safety measures are taken proactively. 

This is why MISSION exists – to empower you to do more in the heat through a head to-toe portfolio of cooling and heat-relief products that are designed to improve performance and safety in the heat. 

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