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MTV’s “The Challenge” Returns with Special Series

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One of MTV’S most iconic franchises “The Challenge” returns with a special series and former challenge competitor turned WWE Superstar Mike “The Miz” Mizanin is back as the host. Here’s what Mike had to say about the show!

The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars puts some of the most successful athletes and well-known entertainers against legendary Challenge vets. Winners will compete for a chance to take a share of the $150,000 cash prize to donate to their beloved charities

“TO, who is a NFL great, is going up against guys like CT, who this is their game. Every time I always get people who are like I could do that on a Challenge, well now we are giving people the opportunity to do it. I can’t wait for people to actually see what unfolds.”

Mizanin said MTV jump-started his career.

“MTV started everything for me. From doing The Real World to doing The Challenges to now becoming a WWE Superstar…it’s just an absolute honor to come back to the show where it all started for me. I created “The Miz” on MTV. Coming back and actually being able to host this show is an absolute honor.”

You can catch the eight-week series on MTV Tuesdays at 10pm.