Amid the ongoing economic uncertainty, inflation and concerns over a possible recession, it’s not surprising that Americans are thinking about how to improve their financial wellness. According to a recent survey, Americans almost unanimously view financial wellness as important, yet more than two in five don’t feel financially stable, and nearly one-third have less than $500 for emergency savings. The first step toward building confidence and financial security is a fully funded emergency savings fund to cover three to six months of living expenses – and there are incremental, achievable steps to take to reach that goal.

Having a trusted financial advisor can play a significant role in building financial wellness. In fact, 79% of those who use financial advisors have an emergency savings fund that has at least $1,000 – compared to only 36% of those who do not use one.

Scott Thoma, Principal, Client Needs Research at Edward Jones, joined us to share how Americans view their financial wellness, steps they can take to build confidence and financial security and explain how a financial advisor can help create a roadmap to financial wellness.