(Sponsored)- There’s a new PAC-MAN™ in town but it’s not your Dad’s PAC-MAN – it’s on Facebook Gaming and it’s social.  We’ve invited Chelsea Krost, millennial life coach, to speak about the trend of socializing around video games and to explain how the new PAC-MAN™ COMMUNITY is driving this trend. 

Coming this December, the all-new PAC-MAN™ COMMUNITY allows users to enjoy the game with family and friends in fun new ways on phones, tablets, PCs — anywhere you access Facebook.  

Yes, you can play as before — the entire original arcade classic is included. But there are several new revolutionary capabilities:

  • Play cooperatively with up to three friends
  • Create your own mazes and share them with the community
  • It even includes a unique “Worldwide PAC-MAN Watch Party” where you and thousands of other fans can help or hinder PAC-MAN or the ghosts in a live 3D broadcast of the game shown globally 24/7
  • *The game is entirely FREE – no purchase, no microtransactions, no subscription required

 For more info contact: Lauren Gottlieb @ 908-301-0819