(Sponsored)- Tik Tok dances are hot and get attention from celebrities and are now a worldwide brand.

A Tik Tok dance seen by billions -was created by 16-year-old Allaah Harmon. Who had friends at Bennett’s Mill Middle school dancing recently?

This was also the official TikTok debut for Coca-Cola with the launch of its hashtag #sharethemagic challenge.

The challenge is an invitation for creators to showcase their expressions of the brand’s new “real magic” platform.

Coca-cola also partnered with multi-platinum global superstar Khalid, whose newly released song, “open,” is the soundtrack to the challenge.

Harmon taught the students her new “open” dance and encouraged them to participate in the challenge by capturing their expressions of real magic — set to Khalid’s new song and using the share the magic hashtag when they post.

Harmon is an Atlanta-based dancer and teenage TikTok star who choreographed this official dance for the challenge.