(Sponsored)- Cybersecurity awareness is particularly critical as the holiday season brings an increase in online shopping, and along with it, an uptick in cases of fraud. Learn why financial security and tools for protecting identity and credit information are vital for people. Plus, why this can have an impact on one’s overall wellness. In 2021, Cybersecurity has become more challenging than ever as cases of identity theft, and ransomware have exploded.

On December 15th, we have one of the top mental health experts, Dr. Jess Clemons, who has teamed up with Aura, a digital security company working to make the internet safer for everyone. Clemons is available for this special interview to educate your audience about how people are confused by data privacy, and many are not taking the proper measures to protect their data. You’ll learn about a new all-in-one security app from Aura, and why this timely information is especially relevant during the holiday shopping and travel seasons, as well as the New Year..