Morning Extra- A wonderfully nutritious Thanksgiving

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(Sponsored)-To maintain food enjoyment while still feeling good at the end of the day, merge family classics with new nutritious dishes this Thanksgiving.

POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate juice can energize your family with antioxidants and the bold color is perfect for any Thanksgiving table. Pomegranate juice was found in an in vitro study to provide more antioxidant capacity than red wine, grape juice, and even green tea! A POM spiced cider with an 8 ounce serving will offer as much potassium as a banana, too. Since it’s Pomegranate season and National Pomegranate Month, you can use both POM and Pomegranate arils to elevate homemade cranberry sauce. Arils can also add color, texture and nutrition to vegetable side dishes like this roasted butternut squash and brussels sprouts

With so many varieties, Wonderful Pistachios are the perfect feature in a plant based appetizer board alongside veggies, fruit, crackers, and hummus. You can include pistachios in-shell or shelled, with flavors such as Sea Salt + Vinegar, Honey Roasted, and Chili Roasted. Then take Lightly salted, shelled Wonderful Pistachios go blend and spoon into dates for a simple, elegant appetizer or dessert, too. Pistachios are a complete protein, offering 6 grams of plant based protein and 3 grams of fiber per serving. Nearly 90% of the fats in pistachios are better-for-you mono and poly-unsaturated types!

Wonderful pistachios also come in on-the-go packages with that trio of nutrients that may help you feel fuller, longer on road trips.

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