Lung Force Seeks To Raise Awareness For Lung Cancer

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Every two and a half minutes, someone in America is diagnosed with lung cancer. Actress Shantel Vansanten and CVS Health Foundation Eileen Howard-Boone talk about the mission of the American Lung Association’s Lung Force and their goal to raise awareness for lung cancer.

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"Lung cancer awareness is quite important because it is the number one cancer killer. It's something that isn't talked about enough and it’s not on people’s radar as far as cancer education and awareness goes. We're hoping to educate and raise awareness about this horrible disease. Lung Force, which is the initiative for the American Lung Association, is designed to make lung cancer a public health priority. So we’re here to health drive awareness and provide the education and tools to learn more about the disease."

Shantel, as an actress why did you join the American Lung Association’s Lung Force?

"Well being an actress is my day job, but truly my heart has resided with Lung Force ever since my grandmother lost her battle to lung cancer four years ago. Her battle was really short. It was around six to seven months and it was really brutal and at the time my family and I were quite confused as to why she got it because we were under the grave assumption that only people who smoked could get lung cancer and nobody deserves lung cancer. So we went through this process and I found Lung Force and an incredible group of people who educated me. We found out that Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer and that was something my grandmother actually had poisoning from and passed away. This poisoning can be eradicated. It can be stopped and you do not have to die from it. So for me, I’ve been given a voice in the place of my grandmother’s life and I will use it to raise awareness. I tattooed her initials on my wrist and I start conversations to educate people."

You can listen to the Lung Force heroes stories and you hear all about their battling lung cancer and you’re inspired. Those who want to get educated should go to to learn more about lung cancer and its risk factors.

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