Humana Rock n’ Roll Races Coming to Philadelphia September 15th

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The Humana Rock n' Roll Races are coming to Center City on September 15th.

Iconic athlete Kathrine Switzer is an ambassador for the race. She was the first woman to finish the Boston Marathon back in 1967 and completed it again 50 years later at the age of 77. Now, she advocates for a healthy lifestyle for people of all ages.

The event is all about getting the Philadelphia community to embrace health and well-being.

"The more active you can stay, the healthier you can be, the more optimistic and more social you can become," Kathrine said. "The Humana Rock n' Roll Philadelphia event is about reaching out and giving you an opportunity to have fun, not to be competitive, but to take part in a 5K or 7.6K tribute to Philadelphia event."

If you're not the most athletic but still want to live a healthy lifestyle, Kathrine says to just do something you love. "You don't have to be a marathon runner like me," she said. "Just put on your sneakers and go for a walk, get a dog, go gardening, join a dance group, just get out there and move. Keep active."

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