How to Build a Pollinator Friendly Garden

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From our morning cup of coffee to cereal, pollinators are essential to the growth of many of the foods we eat each day. June 19-25th marks national Pollinator Week, a time dedicated to raising awareness of the issues facing the insects and birds vital to our delicate ecosystem. Lifestyle expert Josh McBride is here to explain what national Pollinator Week is and share tips and products we can all use to help support and nurture pollinators.

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"You know a lot of people don't know about this so let's just jump in. Try to picture a world without the foods that we love , so berries apples, oranges, almonds. These are foods we take for granted and of course without butterflies and ants and honey bees, we can't enjoy the food we love so much like some of the ones you see on the table.

Research actually shows that one in every three bites of foods that we eat is actually from a pollinator so this week is all about bringing awareness to those pollinators because they are in decline and we don't want to give up those foods that we love so much.

Let's talk about how you can help. You want to plant a pollinator friendly garden of course select colorful plants, cluster them in together, make it beautiful so that they are attracted to your garden. Providing food so that there is spring to fall nectar so they can eat and sort of hang out there. Of course you want to plant a nourishing soil there's miracle grow right here you can also use Nature's Care and then follow up with plant food that can help drive them to your garden.

Pollinators need a nestling place where they can go and hang out and habitat . You can actually make one of these in your own home, if this isn't your thing. A lot of people say bees sting that's actually a myth, all bees do not sting. If that is not your thing you can always plant a fresh water source or a bird bath right in your backyard.

The first thing when you're using any gardening products is read and follow the package instructions that are on there. Ortho has a great selection of products that are neonic free so we love that. And there's some great stuff for your garden right here."

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