Heart Treatment for Premature Babies

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Each year, nearly 60,000 premature babies in the U.S. are born with a very low birth weight and one out of five have a life-threatening opening in the heart.

Anthony Daly, whose baby Tony was born prematurely with this heart defect and needed urgent treatment, joins us today, along with Dr. Evan Zahn, who implanted the world’s first and only device approved specifically for premature babies – smaller than a pea – in baby Tony’s heart.

“A PDA is a vessel that often in a premature baby is a large vessel that connects the two circulations- the systemic and pulmonary circulation,” said Dr. Zahn. “In a PDA, the lungs get flooded with extra blood.

Baby Tony had a PDA when he was born. The hospital monitored this condition and Tony is now the typical 3-year-old.

“He has no lasting effects from his procedure beside pure joy,” said Anthony Daly.

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