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Limor Suss is back with some great gift ideas for the women in your life!
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"The first product we have is from Neutrogena. It`s their skin scanner. This is really cool. So, what it does is it measure moisture levels, pores and fine lines and it gives you a skin 360 score and an assessment. So, what you do is attach that skin scanner on to your phone. It has an accompanying app on the app store and it basically tells you what you need to do to take better care of your skin," said Suss.

You can get this skin scanner for $59.99, you can get it at skin and then the app is free, and you can get it on the app store.

And let`s talk about makeup these are perfect for stocking suffers.

"I am obsessed with makeup and this is Urban Decays' new Naked Cherry Collection, so they have their eye shadow pallet, their highlight and brush pallet, they have the all-nighter, three lipsticks, eyeliners and lip liners and it really is such a beautiful rose gold kind of hues."

You can get these products at urban

And to Bed Bath and Beyond.

"If you want something that is really great you can always go to Bed Bath and Beyond and grab that. I love this plush throw from Ugg. They also have this beautiful marble and wood cutting board. I love this one particularly because it has the knifes inside so you can just slide it out. And then this one is always a great one is 19.99 it`s a monogram marble cutting board so really great and really inexpensive."

You can get these at Bed Bath and Beyond or go to

"And so here we have a golden girl coloring book. We also have a unicorn mug, and these are both from and they have great gifts for that secret Santa or whatever event you might be going to. Really an inexpensive, but cute kind of fun. The unicorn mug I think is just something. I drink coffee every day, so I think that is just a fun gift to give to your secret Santa."

And do you want to give someone coal?

"If you`re going to put coal in there stocking, you`re going to do a fun take. This is from 'Hello' a naturally oral friendly care line. They have their activated charcoal collection with mouthwash, toothpaste and the tooth brush. This is the naughty meets nice gift set and its $14.99 and you can get it at hello/"

These products are perfect for any women in your life.

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