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The new year is here and each new year brings the hope of new opportunities for positive change. Lifestyle expert Emily Kaufman has some ideas to get a fresh start with a brand new year.

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"I've got three suggestions for the new year. After the holidays, finances are on everyone's mind, especially if you were overly generous with your credit card purchases. So if you're looking to get your finances in order in the new year, you might consider consolidating your credit card debt and lower interest rate into one monthly payment with a personal loan from Lending Club. Now their customers save almost $300 a month on average and that's money you can put in your savings to reinvest in yourself. If you apply with someone, like a spouse, friend, or trusted relative, with even better credit than you have, you might qualify for a larger loan or lower interest rate and you can learn more at

Now a lot of people also want to give back into the new year and one of the ways you can do that is by sponsoring a child through World Vision. For $39 dollars a month, you can help a community with access to life changing resources. You can learn more at

Now a lot of other people make resolutions to travel more, spend time with family or take care of themselves... and I'm going to add in if you're looking to get out of the cold of Philadelphia, you may want to come to southern California to Surf City, USA and Huntington Beach, California where you can do all of those things. They've got spas, they've got great opportunities to be outdoors with stand-up paddle boarding, surfing, beach volleyball and bike riding. You can learn more at"

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