Fall Home Improvements and Renovations with Brian Kelsey

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It’s the season for home improvements. From renovations, to decorating and DIY projects, home improvement expert Brian Kelsey shares his fall checklist and appliance-must haves to get your home ready for the fall season!

Let’s start with cleaning the gutters.

“Really take a look at the roof because that’s where you’re going to have problems with rain and everything. So gutters are clean, make sure all the shingles are in order and any kind of caulking looks good,” said Kelsey.

And as for the laundry room, there are so many small things to get organized like baskets and folding stations. But the main thing is the washer and dryer. Check out this Maytag washer and dryer.

“This is an amazing set. Top loading agitator here. This is actually rated number one by a leading consumer magazine. It has 5.2 cubic feet of capacity, which is humungous. It has a power wash cycle, which combines hot water and a super cleaning action to get out crazy tough stains. It’s actually really amazing. It also has a deep fill option, which fills the water to the maximum capacity in the basket. That combined with the power wash cycle, is like unbelievable,” said Kelsey.

After washing of course, we need a good dryer.

“We have to dry everything so let’s go to the dryer. This is an 8.8 cubic foot dryer capacity. It holds 21 towels. Think about all that all your guests coming over, you know you got to have the clean towels,” said Kelsey.

Another great thing to do in this cooler weather season, is paint. It dries really well in this cool dry weather.

“So crack open a window and paint. You could even paint an accent wall if you want. You don’t have to paint the whole room. And pretty soon you’ve got these really really really pretty amazing transformation for holidays and for the year ahead,” said Kelsey.

For more information go to maytag.com and kelseyonthehouse.com.

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