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Home improvement can mean anything from upgrading appliances, adding safety features or technology, beautifying or simply clearing space. Emmy award winning technology and digital lifestyle commentator, Mario Armstrong, has some awesome home improvement ideas.

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"I'm going to start first something really cool and different you may have not seen this before, it's Samsung's new FlexWash and FlexDry washer and dryer. This is going to offer flexibility that you've never seen before based on the modern families needs. Check this out, it's really really genius how this thing works. There's a front load washer for all your big loads and all those bulky items. But here's the game changer, there's also a top load washer for your small loads or your delicates. And you can do these loads at the same time so that's really really cool plus the FlexDry does the same. You can dry large loads in the bottom drum while delicates are in the top compartment they can lay flat and dry gently all simultaneously. Really really cool what Samsung's invented there.

Another great upgrade to the home is something that's going to clean your floors and that's with the Roomba 960 WiFi connected robot vacuum by iRobot. I mean who doesn't want a robot to clean their floors. The new navigation system will get you up to two thousand square feet. It can recharge and resume its self as needed which is great it's WiFi connected and you can use the iRobot home app to get new clean home reports which is great.

If you want to do some upgrading to your home security the easiest way to do that is with the Canary Flex. This is the indoor outdoor weatherproof HD camera with night vision. The Canary Flex is wire free it's got a rechargeable battery or you can plug this into the wall outlet if you wanted to as well. You connect this right to your phone with their app. It'll notify you of any motion that is happening, I have three of these in my house, you can record live video as well or see live video. You can see your kids at the pool maybe the babysitter and all that good stuff as well.

If you want to make a quick upgrade to the home a WiFi thermostat is an easy way to go. Go with the Honeywell Lyric T5 WiFi thermostat. This is great for busy families, super inexpensive and effective upgrade you can control this right from your mobile device so that means you can control it whether you're home or away. So you can save money when you're away as well.

And then if you want to really crank it up this summer and have a great party you want to have the best speaker. This is the Sonic Boom from Altec Lansing's line of everything proof audio 100 foot wireless range 50 hours of battery life once it charges but it's water proof, shock proof, snow proof and even floats so that's awesome.

And last but not least if you want to get some money on the side head over to GameStop take in those pre-owned or unused electronics and you'll get cash for that. For example the iPhone 7 will get you $355 so head over to GameStop to trade those in. If you want details head over to our website at thunknews.com/improve."

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