Did you know that some simple dietary changes can have a positive impact on the planet? Registered Dietitian, Kelly Jones joined us to help celebrate Earth month.

Simple changes can help preserve our planet for future generations and to keep food costs down. One way is by stocking your pantry with nutrient rich, shelf stable foods. Since nearly 40% of food produced in the US goes to waste, buying less fresh foods each week can combat this and save money.

It also may be more environmentally friendly to produce plant products versus an excess of animal products. If you’re up for swapping out some animal protein for plants, pistachios are one of the highest protein nuts! Wonderful Pistachios contain six grams of complete plant protein per serving, providing you with the essential amino acids you need. Pistachios are also cholesterol free and nearly 90% of their fats are unsaturated.

Next time you need protein on a snack plate or appetizer spread, make pistachios the star. With both in shell and no shell varieties in different flavors, like chili roasted and honey roasted, you won’t get bored. You can make protein granola bars or add to any salad for a satisfying crunch.
Another go-to for pantry staples is NOW foods. They have countless high quality and nutrient rich plant products, from cooking oils and whole grains, to snacks and baking essentials! The company has a dedication to sustainability in their facilities and their packaging is recyclable through Terracycle. 

Prep NOW’s tri-color quinoa with olive oil over the weekend to use in quick lunches and dinners during the week. It’s perfect in a stir fry or in grain bowls to compliment fresh greens.

Between meals, reach for NOW’s raw energy snack mix, or homemade bars using their pea protein, maple and cacao. Their cacao and cocoa products are harvested under fair trade programs to ensure crops are produced in a way that supports the land. The cacao and organic maple syrup are also perfect to add to their rolled oats and milled chia for a satisfying breakfast. 

Stock your pantry with canned tomatoes and fruits, too! Weekly grocery trips can be tough, so these items easily add nutrients to meals and snacks. In addition to reducing food waste, canned products are infinitely recyclable with the highest recycling rate of any other food package. Pacific Coast Producers is an Agricultural Cooperative strategically located near their growers’ family farms so you get produce that was picked fresh and packaged at peak ripeness.

PacificCoastProducers.com has even more insight, including the importance of checking cans at the store for products grown in the USA, since that cuts down on resources and supports our economy!

In the morning or for an afternoon treat, use California peach slices for a peach smoothie bowl. Then for a quick taco tuesday, saute steam peeled diced tomatoes with pre-cooked lentils and add your favorite toppings. Canned pear is perfect to stir into plain yogurt or on its own right out of the can!

To learn more about a sustainable eating pattern, these brands, and to find these recipes, you can head to KellyJonesNutrition.com.