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Fashion minded folks of all ages are finding that custom clothing is a trend in all areas of retail. Especially men’s suits, social media fashion sensation Dr. Mikhail Varshavski has teamed up with ‘JoS. A. Bank‘ to share off some of their custom suits.

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"Today we're going to be talking about custom suits. I'm a doctor I know guys come in all shapes and sizes but unfortunately off the rack suits don't come in all shapes and sizes. Really what 'Joseph A Ban'k has created is a reasonable priced program that allows guy to go into a 'Joseph A Bank' retailer where there's 500 nationwide and create a custom suit for themselves.

I have two lovely models with me here today Matt and Bret wearing two of the options from the line. Here we have the 1905 collection some of the details you notice on the suit is the pique lapel which gives it a little more flare, the two button suit which is very in right now, and then he has the flat front pants. And if you open up the suit for me you can show a little personality by getting a little polka dot pattern in there.

Bret is also wearing the reserve collection which is priced slightly higher at $1198 but is made in America. And he's also, as you notice, wearing a vest which is a three piece option with a beautiful plum lining, if you can show that Bret. And really what this custom suit program at 'Joseph A Bank' allows to happen is to get your dad fitted for the perfect fit suit in a fun unique way.

If you want some more information visit come or visit your local 'Joseph A Bank' retailer."

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