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Last week, Philadelphia joined the rest of the state in dropping venue capacity limits and the outdoor mask mandate. But as summer gatherings ramp back up, it’s important to continue to be Covid cautious. Cheryl Nelson is a safety and preparedness expert and she joined with a new, Covid-19 self test you should know about, now available at major retailers, including free self tests for some people at Walgreens.

The BinaxNow Covid-19 self test by Abbott is available for anyone with or without symptoms and provides reliable results in 15 minutes. This means that we can feel more confident doing the things we love, especially as we look towards gathering with friends and family this summer.

Abbott’s BinaxNos self test is an easy-to-use, rapid test that is now available over the counter without needing a prescription or waiting for results. Whether or not you have symptoms, you can use the self test by completing a shallow nasal swab and get results in just 15 minutes. The self test comes with two tests so you can conduct frequent testing, helping to mitigate the spread.

Abbott is working with all 16 Walgreens locations in Philly to make rapid testing more widely available by helping to provide morea ccess to those who have been hit the hardest by the pandemic. Now, until July 4th, all Pennsylvania EBT card holders can receive two, 2-count packs of the BinaxNow Covid-19 self test at no cost.

Even as society reopens, testing will remain an essential part of our Covid-19 response and recovery, especially as segments of the population remain unvaccinated and mask mandates continue to change.

If you’re an EBT cardholder, stop by participating Walgreens to take advantage of this important program through July 4th. And for anyone who does not have an EBT card, you can purchase a two-pack for $23.99.