Artificial Intelligence & How It Affects You

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Artificial intelligence has been a hot topic lately with hit TV shows and movies like Westworld and Blade Runner. Many people are wondering how it will affect them and their careers as it advances. Managing Director at SYGYZY Megan Harris joined us in studio to talk about a recent study the company conducted.

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In "Sex, Lies and A.I." SYGYZY surveyed 2,000 Americans across the nation to understand how they felt and what they thought about artificial intelligence.

"A lot of us already interact with A.I. through virtual assistance like Siri or Alexa. I think as a culture and a society we're still trying to figure out the benefits and the cons of how A.I. will affect us. Out of the 2,000 people surveyed, 45% of them are open to A.I., while another 40% are concerned and then another 30% are really fearful."

Harris said this fear comes from job security.

"In my point of view, artificial intelligence will take away some jobs and the jobs that they will take away are those that can be automated. So jobs that have skill sets where it's routine process and routine-decision making."

It's not all bad news though, Harris said A.I. brings opportunities as well.

"Although some jobs will be taken away, I think there will be a lot of job creation in the future. For example, it's going to be the humans that have the skill sets and the qualifications to bridge the gap between technology and humans. Also technologies can't work in silos, we need them to work together. I think a lot of jobs will come around for people who know how to view technology in a holistic view."

Visit SYGYZY's website for more information on the study.

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