Amazon Changes the Game for E-Commerce

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New data from the holiday season is in on the future of brick and mortar stores, small businesses and e-commerce in America. The data from the holiday season is in from many sources, including Amazon. Here to help make sense of this important information is author and business expert, Gene Marks.Gene also writes a regular business column for the Washington Post and is the author of several best-selling books, including In God We Trust: Everyone Else Pays Cash

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How was the holiday season for retailers?

"Here's the data: most brick and mortar retailers did quite well, but the big story was online this year. Amazon small merchants, sold more than a billion items during the holiday season, a hundred and forty million items over Thanksgiving weekend alone. Their Cyber Monday was the biggest ever in their history so the data is showing that it was a spectacular holiday season for brick and mortar retailers but really even more so for people selling online."

So how is Amazon helping these small businesses?

"Amazon signed up three hundred thousand new small merchants through their services just this year. They have millions of small merchants that are making money on Amazon.The reason why they're making money is that Amazon has an audience of three hundred million customers. So I'm telling a lot of my clients even if you're selling brick and mortar, you will get a lot of help from Amazon if you sell through their platform. It reaches you out to customers you never could have sold to before."

Where can consumers or small business owners go to learn more about this important information?

"If you want to see how small business owners and merchants are succeeding on Amazon go to If you'd like to sell, sign up and sell on Amazon. Go to To me and for my clients I'm recommending, you got to have that online presence and why not take advantage of a marketplace that is so huge?"

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