WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — Good deeds sure do make it a beautiful day in the neighborhood and Monday is just the day to celebrate

“Watching him growing up, he taught me values and morals and how to be kind to people,” said West Wyoming resident, Raechel Murray.

Monday is 143 Day in Pennsylvania, it’s a day to focus on being kind to others, be grateful for what you have, and honor Pennsylvania native, the late Fred Rogers.

“He’s such a positive person. How could you not love Mr. Rogers? Everybody knows who Mr. Rogers is. Everybody grew up with Mr. Rogers and he allowed you to expand you imagination,” said Robyn Brown, Wilkes-Barre resident.

Mister rogers regularly used 143 to say “I love you” throughout his life and on his beloved television series ‘Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.’ the numbers one, four, and three stand for the number of letters in each word of the phrase I love you.

With all of the hate in the world. I think a little kindness goes a long way. Opening the door for someone, that just little bit of kindness can make someone’s day,” said Murray.

Each year on May 23, the 143 Day of the year, Pennsylvanians celebrate by spreading a little extra joy throughout the commonwealth.

“You have to be kind these days as the world is as crazy as it is. Help out, people. Support other people. If they have a problem, help them out,” said Kenneth Company, who lives in Shavertown.

Governor Wolf released a statement honoring the holiday saying, “the past three years, Pennsylvanians have shown that kindness is part of their very core, we have continued to carry out the legacy of Fred Rogers through simple good deeds and kind words to our neighbors, friends, family, teachers, first responders, and strangers.”

“Kindness is contagious. So just a nice comment, a smile to anybody and then they smile back or they say something back. I think it is what we need in this world,” said Mountain Top Resident, Peggy Nork.

To provide inspiration for the day there is a kindness generator, which also will tally all the good deeds and kind gestures Pennsylvanians do throughout the day.