LEMOYNE, Pa (WHTM) — While the gubernatorial race shakes up, candidate Bill McSwain made a stop in the Midstate on Friday with a meet and greet event at the Perkins in East Pennsboro Township, Cumberland County.

McSwain said he is making his “closing argument” for voters with only a couple of days left in the campaign.

“I am different, I am unique, I’m the conservative outsider in the race. I’m not a career politician. My opponents are just going to be more of the same,” McSwain said.

McSwain is one of seven Republicans still in the race after Jake Corman and Melissa Hart each dropped out to endorse Lou Barletta this week.

Barletta is second to State Senator Doug Mastriano in most Pennsylvania primary polls, causing some party leaders to pressure other candidates to drop out and endorse the former Hazelton mayor Barletta.

Mastriano has also been accused of belittling efforts to contain the COVID-19 virus and spreading conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccine and the 2020 election.

McSwain and Dave White have each said they are not going to drop out to potentially help prevent a Mastriano victory. Both candidates called Corman’s exit and endorsement of Barletta a career politician endorsing another career politician.