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(WJBF) — Halloween has come and gone, but that costume you spent a small fortune on is still here. What are you going to do with it?

You could trash it, but why would you? It’s not good for the environment to fill landfills with some of the cheap materials that Halloween costumes are made of.

Instead, here are some ideas for how to get more life out of that old Halloween costume.

Donate It

If you’re looking to get rid of your costume this year but don’t want to trash it, consider donating it. You can donate old and used Halloween costumes to donation centers such as Goodwill or Salvation Army. If they’re in good shape, they will likely be resold again.

Also, consider donating old costumes, wigs, and props to a local theatre group or a school theatre department. These groups are largely limited in budget and would likely be grateful for any costume or prop donation. Just be sure to call ahead first and ask if they can use it.

You can also contact an area church and ask if they accept donations, and if they would be willing to accept old costumes, wigs and props.

Sell It

Just because you bought it and can’t return it doesn’t mean you can’t get your money back — or at least some of it. Consider selling your old costumes and props on sites/apps such as eBay, Mercari, or Facebook Marketplace. You’d be surprised, even after Halloween, that someone may be in the market for it.

Swap It

If you spent a lot of money on a Halloween costume, chances are you’ll do the same thing again next year. You can save some money by swapping costumes with a friend or coworker. They’ll be looking for new costumes next year, too, and what’s old to them might be new to you.

Consider proposing a costume swap with your child’s school or fellow parents to allow your child and their friends to trade with each other.

Recycle It

Material from some costumes can be reused in sewing and quilting projects. Consider recycling the pieces that can be recycled, or using those pieces in new projects or even a new costume. You can search online for different ideas for the various materials. For instance, did you know you can line shelves and drawers with a leftover vampire cape?

Wear It Again

Many costumes may come with sashes, belts, or vests. Consider taking those pieces and adding them to your daily wardrobe. Costume jewelry can be re-worn as part of your everyday accessories. Shirts and pants can be re-worn too — if they’re in good shape and sturdy enough to be washed. Even those silly animal onesies can be worn again as comfortable, warm pajamas.

If you have small children, start a costume closet, and let them play dress-up in their old costumes. Adults, too, can get some use out of an old Halloween costume year after year — not only on Halloween, but at costume parties or conventions.

No matter what you do with your Halloween costumes, it doesn’t make much sense to just throw it away when there are plenty of great options for reusing, sharing or re-wearing your old outfits.