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(NewsNation) — A group of teens broke into an $8 million Florida home to throw a house party — with video showing some also holding a boxing match — and now the local sheriff’s office is trying to find who is responsible.

The Walton County Sheriff’s Office posted a few of the videos and photos recorded during the incident on social media. The videos shows teens drinking, doing drugs and even holding a boxing match inside the home.

The sheriff’s office has fielded some criticism, however, for not blurring the faces of the people involved, even though some are juveniles.

Sheriff Michael A. Adkinson Jr. said on NewsNation’s “Morning in America” that this pushback is part of the problem.

“Clearly your child did something wrong, and yet you’re here as a parent trying to make excuses for him instead of doing what is appropriate and accepting responsibility,” he said. “There have been a number of parents that have called and said, ‘Listen, my child’s there, they’re going to be accountable.’ But it’s been a little shocking the number of people who said, ‘No, how dare you show my child?'”

Videos shared by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office showed some of the partygoers participating in boxing matches. (Walton County Sheriff’s Office)

Adkinson also stressed that the young people in the video had committed burglary.

“This is an invasion of privacy,” he said. “There are people that live in this home. I mean, this is where this family spends Christmas. This is their everyday residence.”

Adkinson said the teens “advertised for about a week” before the party was held. He said the ages of the teens allegedly involved ranged from about 16 to 19 years old.