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INDIANAPOLIS (WXIN) – If you are searching around for last-minute Thanksgiving ideas, you aren’t alone.

Google released the top Thanksgiving-related searches for the last week, showing people are not only interested in remembering when Thanksgiving is (it is this Thursday, by the way) but are also looking up last-minute recipes.

It turns out – according to Google’s data – not everyone is planning to make the same types of recipes. The company identified regional specialties, and created a map with the most uniquely searched type of stuffing (or dressing, if that’s what you call it) in each state.

While Texans are searching for cornbread dressing, New Yorkers are looking for sausage stuffing recipes, and people in Washington state are looking for stuffing with apples. Meanwhile, Oklahoma residents are looking for “red Jello stuffing.” (Don’t ask me, it’s what the data shows.)

You can check out what folks in your state are looking for below:

Turkey is the traditional main course on Thanksgiving, as 9 in 10 Americans eat turkey as part of the festive meal. But Google Trends data shows that there are a variety of ways people plan to cook their bird.

As of November 21, only South Carolina showed a strong interest in fried turkey, which may make firefighters breathe a little easier.

The National Fire Protection Association and Consumer Product Safety Commission warn against using turkey fryers. Since 1998, CPSC is aware of 222 fire or scald/burn incidents involving turkey fryers, resulting in 83 injuries and $9.7 million in property loss.

Other than food, Google Trends data shows people are interested in some art activities. Among the top search results were how to draw a Thanksgiving turkey (a fun art project to do with your kids) and how to draw Thanksgiving. This last one requires a little thought, as it depends on what Thanksgiving means to the artist.

The data shows people are also divided on what to finish off their Thanksgiving dinner with. Pumpkin pie is the most commonly searched desserts, but other dishes, including cranberry pie, are taking a slice of the action.

No matter what people put on the table, it will cost more this year. The Associated Press reports that Americans are seeing double-digit percent increases in the price of turkey, potatoes, stuffing, canned pumpkin and other staples. The U.S. government estimates food prices will be up 9.5% to 10.5% this year; historically, they’ve risen only 2% annually.

Lower production and higher costs for labor, transportation and items are part of the reason; disease, rough weather and the war in Ukraine are also contributors.