(KDVR) — Wedding retail chain David’s Bridal said more than 9,000 layoffs are possible nationwide as it looks at a potential sale or shutdown of the company, according to a notice filed in multiple states.

David’s Bridal outlined details and uncertainties about what’s ahead in a notice about the layoffs sent to the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment (among others) on Friday. A notice has also been filed in Pennsylvania.

A partial wind down of the business or a sale of assets are other options David’s Bridal said it’s also evaluating.

“At this time, it is uncertain whether the company will be ceasing operations entirely or the closure will be limited to certain locations,” the company said in the notice.

The notice listed positions that could be eliminated, ranging from 3,597 stylists to 13 vice presidents and the chief executive officer.

The first phase of layoffs was targeted for Friday and impacted corporate employees. Two more phases for corporate workers are expected to take place May 13-27 and June 12-August 11, according to a schedule outlined in the letter.

More potential layoffs or closures are anticipated to happen June 12-26 for employees at stores, and June 12-August 11 for workers at distribution centers.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported Friday that corporate employees were invited to a virtual meeting held Thursday and told David’s Bridal is looking for a buyer but may have to liquidate the company if one isn’t found. Axios reported Friday that sources said the company is preparing to file for bankruptcy.

David’s Bridal previously filed for bankruptcy in 2018.