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PARKER, Colo. (KDVR) — Colorado Parks and Wildlife says it’s monitoring a deer with a plastic pumpkin stuck on its head in Parker, Colorado. Wildlife officers were first called to the Parker Vista area earlier this week after someone noticed the odd sight. 

“It can see and it can breathe,” wildlife officer Katie Doyle said. “But it can’t eat or drink.”

Doyle said wildlife officers are considering multiple options, including tranquilizing the deer to remove the object. 

“The problem is it’s still mobile. So it’s hard for us to keep up with it and get it in a situation where we can safely remove it,” she said.

Are your holiday decorations safe for wildlife?

Doyle said it’s a good reminder to be mindful of holiday decorations. She recommended hanging holiday lights and other decorations that could get tangled in antlers at least 8 feet off the ground. 

She said fake cobwebs and other Halloween decorations should be placed in areas where animals couldn’t unknowingly walk through. 

“It’s really important that people are aware that if they live around wildlife that they have objects taken inside or not put in places where wildlife will get into it,” she said.