ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Flying monkeys, ruby red slippers, a yellow brick road and an hourglass. The answer is “What is the Wizard of Oz?” — and the hourglass was sold for just under half a million dollars.

The iconic prop, which may not be as iconic as the ruby red slippers or Dorothy’s outfit, recently sold at a Heritage Auctions on Dec. 17 for $495,000, Smithsonian Magazine reported.

Like most movies, several different versions of the prop were made for various purposes, especially in case one got broken while filming a scene. One of the hourglass designs, which is the one sold, was made to be lightweight for when the Wicked Witch held it above her head in a heated moment when Dorothy and the others escape the castle.

“Margaret Hamilton’s hourglass … is an instantly recognizable prop from one of the most beloved and influential films of all time,” says Joe Maddalena, Heritage Auction’s executive vice president, to Entertainment Weekly’s Maureen Lee Lenker. 

It’s unknown who the buyer is, but we hope they’re not trying to get the slippers from a woman they locked in their castle.

Fun Fact: The Wizard of Oz was the first color movie on the big screen. The yellow brick road was allegedly painted orange — it was the only color that looked yellow/gold on film back then.