(WTAJ) — From supply chain shortages to staff shortages, the one thing we’re not short on is rising prices as the economy continues to try and rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic.

America has seen shutdowns, mandates, school closures, over 770,000 COVID deaths and even a toilet paper shortage. Compared to some states though, Pennsylvania has done well economically with only 10% of residents saying they’re having a “very difficult” time without household expenses, up from 7% in June.

Key findings across the nation:

  • 42% of people say they are having “slight to moderate” difficulty meeting household expenses.
  • 12% of people say they are having a “very difficult” time paying household expenses.
  • The number of people having a “very difficult” time has increased by 50% nationwide and by as much as 225% in some states.
  • Mississippi, Nevada and Louisiana have the highest numbers of people having a “very difficult” time.

While only 10% of the state is having a very difficult time, the number in June was only 7% which equates to a 35% increase of Pennsylvanians struggling through this economy. Other states, such as South Carolina is seeing a 155% increase while Arkansas saw a whopping 225%

Minnesota and North Dakota were the only states that saw a negative number, showing a decent recovery with -36% and -1% respectively.

For more information and to see all states on both lists, you can check out the QuoteWizard study by Nick VanZant by clicking here.