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COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — Women for America First held what it called an “election integrity” town hall meeting in Columbus.

It was the second such meeting in three nights. Tuesday about 100 people attended in Rome. Tonight’s event drew about 40 local Republicans.

But no Columbus-area elected officials.

Thursday night’s meeting of those who still question the results of the 2020 presidential race started in an unusual manner — with words from a President Biden speech two days ago.

“In Arizona, Wisconsin, in Georgia was recounted three times. It’s clear.”

The people in this room did not agree that Biden defeated former President Donald Trump.

“The ultimate goal in my opinion and is not an official statement for Women for America First, is to be sure we get a forensic audit in Georgia,” said Salleigh Grubbs, chairperson, Cobb County Republicans.

She is referring to an Arizona-style audit that has been going on for weeks.

Sen. Brandon Beach from Fulton Count thinks Trump won Georgia despite three recounts and a Republican secretary of state saying there was no fraud. And he wants that audit.

“We do this forensic audit and I believe there are going to be between 17,000 and 34,000 ballots that are going to be counterfeit,” Beach said. “And if that’s the case, then I think he may have won that.”

Beach was the only elected official in the room. The three Republicans who represent Muscogee County – Senator Randy Robertson and Representatives Richard Smith and Vance Smith – were not there. The meeting was announced earlier this week.

Robertson was out of town. Richard Smith had a prior commitment. News 3 could not reach Vance Smith.

“It very much surprised me,” said Alton Russell, chairman Muscogee County Republicans. “Because all of those people are on our mailing list. And they knew about it.”

The event was not sponsored by the Muscogee County Republicans, but the organization did send notification to the 23,000 people on an e-mail list.

Amy Kremer was one of the organizers. She says not all elected Republicans are supporting her group’s claims that the presidential election was stolen.

“It is not surprising,” Kremer said. “It’s something we are seeing in other places, as well. There are some who just don’t want to touch this election integrity issue. And it’s disappointing because that is not where the people are.”

America for Women First hosted a Washington D.C. rally on Jan. 6 prior to the assault on the Capitol.