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Philly Tech Week kicks off this Friday at Dilworth Park, for a week of fun games, technology and interaction. Philly Tech Week is the brainchild, a local organization connecting technologists.

“Philadelphia is thriving as a technology community. A lot of people and organizations are apart of that. Philly tech week is a place where they all come together,” Christopher Wink said, co-founder and Editorial Director of Philly.

Philly Tech Week is offering over 150 events throughout the city, which ends on April 25th.

“Since Philly tech week is such a big deal in technology in the city if you’re not there at tech week then you’re not a real technologist in Philly,” Juliana Reyes said, reporter at Philly.

In 2014 nearly 25,000 people attended tech week a number the Philly team is proud of.

“For me its not even just the amount of people its the type of people. These are some of Philadelphia’s smartest and most connected people and that for me is what I care most about the quality of what happens and not necessarily the quantity,” Wink said.

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By: David Grzybowski/ PHL17

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