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GREENVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — A new report is putting North Carolina as one of the least desirable states to work in. The report was published by OXFAM, a global organization that researchers labor rights.

Best States to Work Index by US Bureau of Economic Analysis region (Via OXFAM)

Wages, work protection policies, and the right to organize are all contributing factors to the report. The OXFAM Labor Index scores North Carolina as 52 in a scale of best to work states to work in, that ranking includes D.C. and Puerto Rico. The minimum wage in N.C. Is $7.25. That’s only about 23% of the living wage needed to cover a family of four. 

Other report factors include worker protection policies and state laws that don’t fully legalize project labor agreements to ensure a fair wage to workers on contract. The president of one of the state’s largest association of union workers weighed in on the ranking. 

“It doesn’t have to be this way, our legislature could raise wages. They could make changes to our unemployment benefits so we don’t have the stingiest unemployment benefits in the country. But they just refuse to act. ” 

MaryBe McMillan, NC State AFL-CIO  

Labor activists say if you’re frustrated with labor conditions ask the state’s general assembly to pass policies, those are state senators and representatives. Oregon ranked number one as the best state to work in.

Worker protection policies ranking: #50 (Via OXFAM)

Read the full report here.


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