LANSFORD, CARBON COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) — An unusual standoff happened Thursday in Carbon County after a man spent more than 12 hours inside a coal mine.

From around 4:00 a.m. this morning until 4:30 p.m. this afternoon, suspect David Eisenhower barricaded himself 150 feet down inside the No. 9 Coal Mine and Museum in Lansford.

As the standoff came to a peaceful end, Eisenhower was taken into custody. But, several major questions still remain unanswered.

After nearly 13 hours underground, suspect David Eisenhower of Carbon County in a red hoodie came out of the No. 9 Coal Mine and Museum on Thursday afternoon and walked into the side door of an ambulance.

Officials at the scene said they still don’t know why Eisenhower barricaded himself inside the mine, but they say he was burning wood and put himself in an extremely hazardous situation 150 feet underground.

“For the response team the people who went to get him out and for him it was a real hazardous area. this is not an area that the mine tourers go to. it is not possible to take them there,” said Mark Nalesnik of Emergency Management for Carbon County.

It had been reported that the suspect was not armed, but inspectors with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Mine Safety will be conducting a secondary sweep inside the mine over the next several days for any further possible evidence and to make sure tours can resume.

“It might be one for the record book, definitely in the top three. None of those members that were there, trained for confined space operations, and thank god they do because this is what went on here today. It might be a first in the nation that you are going in after a barricaded subject in a coal mine two layers underground,” said Carbon County Detective Jack Soberick.

Eisenhower has several outstanding warrants against him and he faces felony charges of burglary – not adapted for overnight accommodations, causing a catastrophe, and terroristic threats with intent to terrorize another. As well as, misdemeanor charges of recklessly endangering another person and defiant trespassing in a fenced/enclosed area.