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Can’t you believe it – America’s favorite food on wheels? In our Biz Bites segment today me and Peter Van Allen from The Philadelphia Business Journal hit the Drexel Campus to check out Mac Mart on 33rd Street — the pretty pink food truck that makes outdoor dining from a food truck a simply fabulous experience.

Who knew?

And, if you want to experience a type of mac ‘n’ cheese that will make your momma jealous, check this out — we noshed on “BBQ-in-Bowl. That was made with the original macaroni, smoky barbeque chicken, homemade cornbread crumble, and a drizzle of barbecue sauce.


Then we devoured a mac ‘n’ cheese sandwich that was a cheese lovers dream – it had the traditional bread and cheese with a lot of mac ‘n’ cheese in the middle. Possibly the coolest part is that this is all the creation of Marti Lieberman a young, hip Drexel alum who hopes to take her pink wheels on the road and expand in other cities. Her dreams in the fashion world didn’t work out but she sure is making quite an impression on campus. Loved it!

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