Local Philly woman wants to help you embrace your natural curls

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Tori McCutcheon just opened a curly-hair only salon in June.

We’ve all had a bad haircut. 

“I’ve had stylists cut my hair straight, they’ve cut it wet and I’ve walked out of salons in tears because of that, like what the heck just happened,” said Siobhan Leonard. 

And for Leonard its happened more often than she would like because of her curly hair. 

“I’ve always loved my hair, but didn’t know what to do with it,” she said. 

Luckily, about 4 years ago, Leonard found Tori McCutcheon, owner of Salon Tori Did That. 

“I kind of taught myself how to cut curly hair, practicing on friends, family whoever would sit in my chair at that point,” said Tori McCutcheon. 

McCutcheon opened the curly-only salon in Head House Square in June, but she’s been cutting kinks and coils for nearly a decade. 

“For me I knew I struggled with trying to find a stylist to do that for me, I actually went to New York for a long time just to get my hair cut,” said McCutcheon. 

So she thought, if she was going to such great lengths for a chop, other curly girls must be doing the same thing and that’s how ‘Tori Did That’ was born. 

It’s an exclusive, one person at a time, several hour salon experience where she takes curls from drab to fab. 

“We’re not taught that in hair school, we’re only taught how to do straight hair so I think its an intimidation because they look at curly hair like its something thats unknown to them,” said the Philadelphia native. 

McCutcheon cuts all kinds of curly hair. 

“A lot of people, I feel as though they attract a certain person but for me, I want to attract everyone,” she said. 

McCutcheon’s salon has especially become a safe heaven for Black women who are transitioning from straightening their hair to wearing it natural. 

“It always starts with a bad relaxer or something like that, something traumatic so it’s kind of like unpacking all of that baggage so we can move forward,” said McCutcheon. 

“Find yourself Tori or a Tori that can kind of help you, help guide you, said Leonard. “Stick with it, your hair is beautiful too and embrace it.” 

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