Lenoir County SPCA is first animal shelter to receive special grant from actress Katherine Heigl

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KINSTON, N.C. (WNCT)- The Lenoir County SPCA is the first animal shelter chosen to receive a grant from Katherine Heigl’s foundation, in honor of her late friend, David. In a Facebook post, Heigl says these new grants will help pay for necessary care.

“I get a call from, Nancy, and that’s all she said, her name was Nancy from the Jason Heigl Foundation,” said Rescue Coordinator Amanda Schmits.

That call was from Nancy Heigl, mother of Katherine Heigl.

The new, David’s Grant, was established by Katherine in honor of her recently deceased hair stylist. The new grants will help small animal shelters pay for things like spaying, neutering, and vaccines, so that more animals can be adopted.

“The foundation comes and pays for all of their medical stuff and everything and they also market these animals for us,” said Lenoir County SPCA Director Eileen Beeson. “They’re saying ‘hey, we’re sponsoring these animals, will a rescue step up and take this animal when we’ve taken care of all these things’.”

While an organization called, “Stand up for Pits” is sponsoring 10 of the shelter’s pit bulls, Beeson says the money for David’s Grant will sponsor the rest of the shelter’s pit bulls.

“As you see the dogs today, you will notice that we have a lot of pit bulls, but we love pit bulls, and we just want to see them get to new homes,” said Beeson.

Beeson said they only do this for the animals, and their employees don’t make much money, so to be recognized this way means a lot.

“There’s nothing better than to watch a family come in and adopt a dog and maybe get a new family member, watching the love all over them, and get what they have deserved all along,” said Beeson.

Beeson said the funds to sponsor the individual dogs will also help them free up funds to work towards building a larger indoor facility for the animals.

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