We are learning new information in the discovery of a woman’s body along Interstate 90 early Friday morning during a reported brush fire.

The victim has officially been named by Erie County Coroner Lyell Cook as 48-year-old Michelle Tayse of Nashville, Tennessee. The coroner also ruled the death as a stabbing.

The body was originally found at around 2:30 a.m. on Nov. 10 after the Belle Valley Fire Department was dispatched on reports of a brush fire on I-90 at mile marker 30 (near Hammett/Parade Street and Wesleyville/Bayfront Connector). Once on the scene, crews found the body off the shoulder of the interstate and originally ruled the case as a suspicious death.

Cook said she was stabbed multiple times and her body was badly burned.

According to her family, the mother of seven was last seen just a few days before her body was discovered near the Parade Street exit by Belle Valley firefighters.

Her family believes Tayse was murdered in Tennessee then driven to Pennsylvania and set on fire by her killer or killers to hopefully never be discovered.

“Apparently there had been some sort of accelerant used to burn the body, which didn’t last very long, but the actual cause of death based on our autopsy is multiple stab wounds to the chest,” said Cook.

State police are asking anyone with information related to this incident to call them at 814-898-1641.