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LIVINGSTON, Tenn. (WKRN) – A local furniture store might be kicking themselves Monday, after offering what seemed like a pretty unrealistic deal.

Puckett’s Furniture and Appliance in Livingston offered free furniture if the Titans win against the Ravens and if Derrick Henry goes for more than 200 yards and that’s exactly what happened Saturday night.

Sales Manager Josh Ford explained that you had to buy the furniture Thursday, Friday or Saturday and that there were no price limits.

“Buy $100 worth of merchandise or $10 million worth of merchandise it doesn’t matter.”

The offer was posted Thursday on Facebook and created quite a buzz by game time.

“I’d say we got 3-, 4-, 500 people in Thursday, Friday and Saturday and it was just slammed packed, it was awesome,” Ford explained.

Ford says he came up with the idea that he admits had him sweating as Derrick Henry’s yards started adding up.

“We were sweating big time, but at the end of the day that’s what it’s about, giving back to the customer, making them feel appreciated, something they will never forget the rest of their life and hopefully we’ve gained their business in the long haul from that.”

In the end, Henry racked up 205 all-purpose yards, a win for the Titans, and a win for Puckett’s customers.

“I’m the most unlucky person in the world,” Rachel Maynord laughed.

She came in for the deal and rolled the dice on a sectional.

“We came in looking for a sectional that would have cost almost $2,000 and we ended up getting it for free,” she smiled.

Now the store is planning to gamble again as the Titans take on the Chiefs.

“This last sale went great; this one’s going to be even bigger. Come in Thursday, Friday or Saturday, buy hundreds of dollars’ worth of stuff, buy $100,000 worth of stuff, it doesn’t matter. Anything you purchase and if the Titans win and whoever does what, we haven’t worked out the legalities, you are going to get it for free,” said Ford.

The manager says they are still ironing out the legalities of the next deal, but that hundreds of customers won over the weekend and now they are having to shell out tens of thousands of dollars.