UNIVERSITY PARK (NITTANY NATION) — James Franklin defended his decision to score late Saturday in Penn State’s 38-15 win over West Virginia. A decision that drew criticism from WVU head coach Neal Brown.

“I wouldn’t have done it but it doesn’t bother me. I just think stuff like that comes around and goes around,” Brown said Saturday. “At some point, it’ll come back around. When? I don’t know. But, it doesn’t both me. I’m not upset about it.”

The controversial touchdown came in the final seconds. After Beau Pribula complete a short pass on fourth down, he’d move the pile at the goal line, scoring with just six second remaining. Tuesday, James Franklin was clear, he’d do it again.

“That is that is my philosophy and our philosophy,” he said. “I think when our two offense was in there against the majority of their ones, they have the chance to go compete.”

Penn State subbed Pribula and the second team offense for the final drive. He led the 46-yard touchdown drive, rushing for 18 yards, and completing his only pass, a fourth down conversion to Malick Meiga for seven yards. Third string running back Trey Potts rushed the ball five times.

Penn State’s entire starting lineup watched from the sideline. Franklin said if his starters were still in, he’d have called it differently. But they weren’t.

“Those guys get limited amount of reps. They should have a chance to compete,” he said. “And I believe that not just from a Penn State perspective, if we’re ever in that situation, I see it the same way. This isn’t me looking at it just just from from from our view. I got a bunch of other things I could say, but but I’m just going to leave it at that”

Penn State is back at home Saturday hosting Delaware at noon. Penn State stayed put at no. 7 in the latest AP Poll.