UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (WTAJ)– On the Old Main Lawn at Penn State’s campus, Democratic Candidate for Lieutenant Governor Austin Davis stopped by to meet with supporters and students as he continues his campaign before the November election.

Davis says that this is the most important election in Pennsylvania’s history, and that young people will have to live with its results for a while.

“We are at a pivotal time here in Pennsylvania’s history,” says Davis. “Where many of our fundamental rights and freedoms are on the line. From a woman’s right to choose, to the right to organize and join a union. And this race isn’t going to decide the future of our commonwealth for the next four years, it’s going to decide it for the next forty years.”

Davis met with students who stopped by when they were walking past, to make sure that they were registered to vote and taking interest in state, and national politics.

“Young people have a strong stake in what the future of this commonwealth looks like. So I’m here to ask them to get off the sidelines, to get in the game, and help us win this election and have their voices heard.”

Davis says that as he continues to move across the state, he is learning more and more about what is important to everyday citizens.

“Creating family sustaining jobs, ensuring their children have access to a quality education. And making sure that our communities are safe from violence in all forms. Those are the issues that I keep hearing about, quite frankly folks are tired of the politics of fear and division.”

Davis was also at Penn State to help campaign for Paul Takac, the democratic candidate for the 82nd house district. According to Takac, the district is unique in that it is newly formed, and covers about ninety percent of Penn State’s University Park campus.

“It hasn’t always been the case where students and younger faculty and others, the university community, has really felt a part of the town,” Takac said. “And I think we really need to begin to change that.”