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It wouldn’t be a New Year’s Day celebration without The Mummers Parade, and we’re getting ready for the festivities with Rusty Martz, president of the Mummers Museum and former president of Golden Sunrise club. He’s been affiliated with the latter for a whopping 39 years, and he looks forward to his first year walking the parade in his new position.

Rusty is in tow with some impressive artifacts from Mummers history, including his Golden Sunrise president’s ribbon from last year as well as a Penn Treaty String Band president’s ribbon dating back to 1896. He’s also brought the uniform from the Durning String Band circa 1955 and an image of two of the band members and parade participants. Lastly, he shows us the 2011 winning costume of the “handsome” award in the Fancies division.

You can look forward to all this and more at the 2014 Mummers Parade with coverage by PHL-17. Be sure to tune in and have a happy and prosperous new year!

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