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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — The family of a young Alabama girl who raised nearly $400,000 to cover the costs for her brain surgery, is thankful that her first procedure in Boston was a success.

Liza Scott, 7, had been trying to raise money to help her family pay for her brain surgery. In the process, she raised over $300,000 from people across the country who were touched by her story.

On Monday, Scott’s mother, Elizabeth, gave an update on her daughter, saying that she had completed her first procedure at Boston Children’s Hospital and that it was a success.

“We are praising God for his protection over her while in surgery and for giving the Neurosurgeons the wisdom and confidence to decide the best course of treatment for one of the three malformations,” Scott wrote in her blog, “Her Crumbs His Cross.”

According to Elizabeth, the surgeon was able to successfully implant two mechanical devices in the artery that was feeding into a vein, closing off the blood flow and thereby preventing further bulging of the vein. She said it’s unknown whether or not her daughter would require a second surgery in order to to close off several other arteries that are also feeding incorrectly into the vein.

“We are so blessed that our sweet sweet Liza is recovering in the ICU for now and will remain there for another day or so before being moved into a regular room,” Scott wrote. “She is alert, talking, responsive to doctors and asking for a strawberry smoothie — that I’m hoping the Starbucks here in the hospital can make! Thank you to each and every one of you for all your thoughts, prayers, support, love and care. We could not have gotten through today without you. We have a great big God and He gets the glory for the victory today!”

Liza will likely remain in the ICU for at least another day or so to recover.